HALA Token

HALA token is the main token of Heroes Land, with limitted supply. There are various utilities for the HALA token in the Heroes land ecosystem.

  • Buy NFT Items on Marketplace

  • Ascend Heroes, ascend Gears

  • Summon Heroes

  • Unlock Heroes Slots

  • Stake to earn rewards (Users who hold HALA tokens receive profits from the revenue of Heroes Land.)

  • Stake for governance activities (Users who hold HALA tokens can vote for the development of the in-game features of Heroes Land.)

A portion of HALA token is used to reward game players participating in the game activities:

  • Rewards in PvP, Raid Clan

  • Shared revenue from Rewards Treasury

  • Community Event

  • Selling Heroes NFT, Gears NFT, Land NFT on Marketplace

Claim HALA Token

Players can claim HALA tokens earned in-game to their wallets. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 100 HALA. Each withdrawal is 72 hours apart.

Player's account needs to be created at least 15 days in advance.

The transaction fee is 4%.

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