Blockchain Adoption

In addition to a fun-to-play game like other traditional games, integrating blockchain technology and NFTs will help to build a strong connection between players and in-game assets (players controlled Heroes, Lands, Gears). Many essential functions are needed to make that happen such as game asset issuance on blockchain, gameplay smart contracts, asset trading and management.

Blockchain application in Heroes Land

Token: HALA main token & HLS in-game token

Heroes Land HALA token smart contract has been audited by CertiK on Feb 26th 2022.

NFT: Heroes, Lands, Gears, Mystery Boxes, Tournament Pass, etc

On-chain game activities: Minting, Trading, Ascend, Reward Distribution, Staking, Governance, etc.

We optimize between the on-chain and off-chain activities to enable smooth user experience for players. While key game activities are conducted on-chain to ensure transparency and security, some activities are off-chain to avoid too frequent wallet and blockchain interaction and reduce gas fees.

NFT marketplace: There is an in-game marketplace for users to easily trade their NFTs with a design customized for Heroes Land game NFTs.

DAO governance feature: There will be a DAO governance feature added to the ecosystem to support users to manage their tokens. Users may stake their tokens to earn rewards or vote in governance related activities.

Multi-chain approach

We plan to bring Heroes Land game to several blockchains to support many user communities. As the first blockchain, the game is built on Binance Smart Chain to utilize 3 key advantages: large user base, fast transaction speed and low fee. In the future, we will extend to other blockchain networks. Our blockchain team has strong experience on handling multi-chain applications.

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