Inflation Rate & Sustainability

Every play-to-earn product faces inflation issues. At any given moment, there exists some ideal inflation rate that allows us to grow to our maximum potential. Various solutions are set up to cope with inflation issue to maintain the sustainability of Heroes Land's in-game economy:

  • Product Quality: This is the core solution for anti-inflation. Improve the retention rate of players with new content updated regularly like PvE Campaign content, New Heroes, New Gears, Land will reduce player withdrawal rate and maintain a stable cash flow in the game.

  • Heroes Upgrade System: To overcome increasingly difficult challenges, players must Level Up the Heroes and spend HLS tokens. The cost of upgrading will increase with the level. To circumvent the level cap, the player must perform Ascension Heroes, which requires HALA tokens to merge low-rarity Heroes. This mechanism helps maintain the Hero's supply and reduces the Hero's inflation rate as well as in-game inflation.

  • Token Burning: There will be a certain percentage of tokens burned quarterly from our profits. This ratio will be adjusted to suit each phase of the project.

  • Rewards Treasury: The Treasury receives inflows from 4% of all NFT marketplace transactions, HALA portion of the ecosystem fee (Ascension Heroes, Ascension Gears, Summoning Heroes). The treasury would be re-distributed as incentives to active contributors interacting within the ecosystem. This gives players added benefits of being actively involved in in-game activities.

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