Game Story

Heroes Land combines entertaining Match-3 puzzles genre and the typical antagonistic properties of RPG genre gameplay.

The story began 1000 years ago on the old continent Halacia. The dark lord Hazdead, with the ambition to become a hegemon, opened the door to hell in the cursed land - the Black Desert. He and his bloodthirsty army engulfed the entire continent in a sea of ​​fire and death. Standing on the brink of doom, the Alliance Justice used the power of five elemental gems to defeat the Dark Lord and sealed him deep within the Black Desert. The Halacia continent regained its peace once again. The Alliance Justice disbanded and the tribes split control of the power of the 5 gems.

As time passed, peaceful, prosperous life unfolded across the Land, but the lords could not have imagined that the Dark Lord was returning with a curse: "I will return in a thousand years with invincible power". Darkness and death enveloped them, and they became fearful as the Dark Lord's resurrected power could not be defeated.

Faced with this danger, the strongest Heroes stood up and united. Together they traverse various Lands facing and battling dangerous monsters to find the 5 Elements that are the perfect 5 shards of Angel's Sword and wield the Soul Stone to Summon powerful epic heroes from thousands of years ago, combining them to create the power to dominate and destroy the Dark Lord. Who will be able to overcome this battle for survival? Join our Heroes Land to be the winner!

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