This is a function that allows many players to join an organisation. Here you can fight Clan's monsters, engage other Clan players for Medals that can be redeemed for rewards in Clan's special Shop. The store rewards will be refreshed weekly.

  • World Boss: Every week there will be 1 uncompleted monster, all Clans participating in the monster attack can receive rewards according to the Clan's ranking after defeating the monster. Rewards include Clan Medals, HLS, Soul Stone, and Gears.

  • Boss Clan is a 3-minute daily Boss fight. All clan members will participate in fighting with the daily Boss. After the boss fight time is up, based on the damage you cause, there will be a respective rewards. The rewards can be Gears Box, Clan Medals or Soul Stone.

  • Raid Clan is a feature where you can challenge players of other Clans. Each time you win, you will receive victory points, the victories ranking will be summed up at the end of the week (21 p.m Sunday). HALA, HLS tokens will be distributed according to the number of victories you achieve.

Clan Medals will be used to buy important items in the Clan Shop.

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