Sustainable business model

Heroes land solves the problems of the current blockchain game industry and build a strong user base with the following 3 key factors:

Addictive gameplay and ever-growing ecosystem

Heroes land is built and operated by a professional game studio with 12+ years of experience. Game universe has rich content and include many games based on the same concept. Users can choose to play-for-fun similar to traditional games, or buy real NFT assets to play-and-earn

Free to play from the traditional mode

Users can start the game for free with the traditional mode, then have the choice to convert to blockchain mode

Natural conversion to blockchain mode

There will be various marketing activities to educate and encourage users to convert to the blockchain mode. Besides, Heroes land blockchain mode will combine both off-chain and on-chain to bring smooth experience to users, and wallet integration in later phases to provide a one-stop solution on mobile app

As a result, Heroes land ecosystem enjoys diversified revenue sources from both the traditional playing mode and the play-and-earn mode. This will help to sustain the game's business over the long term.

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