Reward & Fee

How long it takes to earn more rewards than fees depends on the player's tactics and strategy. Free players with no initial investment cost will need more time to earn tokens than those with initial investment. With a strong Heroes formation, it is easier for players to overcome the battles and thereby collect more tokens and NFT items. There will always be a reasonable balance between reward and fee to help balance the economy of the game and help players generate income.

Reward Structure

Players participate in in-game activities receive many rewards. The reward structure includes the following main components:

  • HLS, HALA tokens: can be used for trading or partially reinvested.

  • Gears: this is an important part of directly increasing the strength of the Heroes.

  • Soul Stone: this material is used to Summon new Heroes.

Fee Structure

  • Level Up fee: Upgrading Heroes, Land requires a certain amount of HLS tokens. The higher the level is, the more HLS needed.

  • Ascension fee: Ascend Heroes and ascend Gears is the action of merging Heroes or Gears of lower rarity into higher rarity. HALA token is required.

  • Summon fee: Summon action will create new Heroes and shall require HALA tokens & Soul Stones.

  • Heroes Slot Unlock fee: Initially, each player account will have a capacity of 25 Heroes. To increase capacity, the player must unlock Heroes Slot and have to use HALA tokens.

  • Auto Battle fee: In PvE mode, players can control the Heroes to battle on their own or use auto-battle setting. A small amount of HLS tokens is required to activate auto-battle setting.

  • Conversion fee: A small amount of HALA tokens is required to convert in-game items into NFTs.

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