2021-2022: Development

The Heroes Land project kick-started in Nov 2021. In 2022, the team focused mainly on product development. In Oct 2022, the first Beta version on mobile was released. Heroes land, though still a Beta version, was voted as Top 3 favorite games among other 40 games in the event organized by GAMEFI.ORG, a major blockchain game hub.

Below are the main completed items.

Q1-Q2 2023: Growth

In the first half of 2023, we will keep working on the development to update new features such as Gear Crafting, Advanced PvP Battle.

We target to release the traditional game mode on Apple and Google stores in Q2 for traditional gamers to download and play. The blockchain mode is planned for release a few months later together with a conversion campaign to encourage traditional gamers to convert to the blockchain mode.

We will also start the fund raising process and IDO, token listing in accordance with game blockchain mode release.

Q3-4 2023: Evolution

In the second half of 2023, we will focus on the Clan feature development. Users can play the game with their Clan in Clan Battle, Boss raid and Gear Forge. The governance feature will also be added to enable token holders to participate more to the project development.

We will start preparing the concept of the Second Game for the next phase development of the Heroes Land Universe. The Second Game will use the same HALA token.

2024: Universe expansion

In 2024, we will release new lands with advanced features such as resource mining, forging exclusive gears, training houses for Heroes etc. By owning the lands, users can start building their own empires and contribute to the Heroes Land Universe.

In addition, a new wallet functionality will be integrated to the game to improve user experience. Users can interact directly with blockchain from the game mobile applications.

We will also start the development of the Second Game in the Heroes Land Universe and keep expanding the ecosystem.

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