Fun-to-play game

An Unique Combination of Match-3 and RPG gameplay

Match-3 puzzle has always been a game genre with large number of players thanks to its simple and accessible gameplay, and RPG is full of confrontation and combat. The combination of these two genres in Heroes Land brings advantages in creating larger player community and media effects for the game compared to other Idle RPG games available on the market.

Balancing between Entertainment and Earning

Heroes Land has simple core gameplay but it is rich in content. The Play-for-Free mechanism enables players to participate in the game without any initial investment while the Play-and-Earn mode helps players earn extra income by collecting Tokens and NFT items in the game.

These 2 play models can seamlessly blend to create a large and balanced community, forming a sustainable economy with secured long-term benefits for players. And whether you play for fun or play to earn, you won't get bored playing the game!

Diverse Heroes and Gears System

In the initial phase, the first 50 heroes of various rarities and classes will be introduced. Each hero has an impressively designed appearance and unique skills, allowing players to freely choose heroes that suit their playing style. In addition, 75 Gears equipped for Heroes is also an attraction of this game. Using your unlimited creativity, your Heroes are unique!

All in-game Heroes & Gears are NFT items and you can trade them on Marketplace. The number of Heroes created is limited through the Heroes Box sale and through the Summoning mechanism (also limited by the number of Soul Stones generated depending on the original number of Heroes). The number of boxes sold will depend on market's demand. This increases value to owners of NFT Heroes. The rarer your NFT Heroes & NFT Gears are, the higher value you get.

Unique Land

Each Land in the Halacia continent contains an element that is unique to that Land. Heroes that share the same element with the land get increased strength.

Players who upgrade, develop, or expand the land will achieve corresponding achievements and receive titles such as Earl, Lord, and they will have the first right to any resources spawned on their Land such as tokens or materials to craft Gears.

Upgrading the Land to a certain level, players can craft Gears to use or sell on the marketplace. The higher the level of the Land is, the higher the odds of owning rare Gears are.

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