PvE Campaign

A typical land consists of 12-15 stages: 6-8 regular, 1-2 mini-bosses and 1 boss, where the boss serves as the final stage in a land, successful completion of which grants you access to the next land.

Tower Conquest

Tower Conquest is a daily arena, the twist of this game mode is that the player cannot use his own hero lineup, but every day Tower Conquest will randomly display a list of heroes, and the player must choose 5 heroes from the list to fight and defeat the enemy.

From the lowest tower floors to the highest floors, the enemy's strength will be gradually increased, players will use diamonds to attack enemies, and at the same time recharge their heroes mana to be able to overcome the challenges fastest.

Each tower floor will have its own strengths and weaknesses, so choosing a formation and building a strategy is the most important thing to win. After defeating tower floors, you will receive random cards that greatly increase the power of your hero. This is what makes the Tower Conquest game mode entertaining, you must practice skills and overcome the limit of strength to defeat all enemies.

To better adapt to this game mode, Tower Conquest allows players to retry multiple times to complete 1 tower floor. When participating in Tower Conquest, you need to pay 100 HALA or HLS per day of play, 2 of the top 5 ranked players will receive a reward much larger than the initial 100 HALA or HLS, which motivates the players to hone their skills and break their limit to become the best player.

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