Heroes Land


Heroes Land is a game universe build on a set of Heroes characters. The first one is a match-3 puzzle RPG game with the unique dual-gameplay model combining both traditional gameplay mode and blockchain game mode. The game is running on Binance Smart Chain.
Heroes Land's model fixes the pain-point of the current GameFi industry - unattractiveness to traditional gamers - by offering a game that can entertain both play-for-fun gamers and play-and-earn crypto users. With one single user account, a user can choose and switch easily between the 2 gameplay modes. By increasing blockchain game adoption to the traditional gamer community, we create a healthy user base and a resilient business model for Heroes Land.
Developed by a game team with 12+ years of experience in the gaming industry, Heroes Land has very rich content with various game activities to attract and retain gamers. The game has a diverse character system with 50 heroes and 75 gears, combining with unique lands. There are various game activities where users can enjoy and utilize their skills, from evolving and summoning heroes, upgrading lands to Daily Quests, Tower Conquest, PvE, PvP, Clan.